Character Acts:

Sluddy's Discovery is a silly trainwreck available through the holidays. Sluddy the Elf also provides the world's worst kittening services!

Hatter-ish is an immersive zany tea party for the audience. Better stay alert and watch for flying teacups! Best performed in cabaret style clubs.

Lampwick is a player act with cane twirling and light tumbling along with strip-tease. Best for larger stages with head clearance.

Pickett is a take on the Fantastic Beasts film. Best for shows featuring magical creatures or Wizarding World/ Nerdesque events.

Jumping Man is a creepy tribute to the David Lynch series Twin Peaks. Great for Halloween and David Lynch tribute shows.

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Sluddy's Discovery

Jumping Man

Lampwick 2017

Featured Videos:

Bo Toxique Burlesque

Neo- Burlesque

Joan Jett Tribute is a rock 'n roll parade and peel. Great for festivals and rock 'n roll themed shows.

​Orchid Act is a sweet tiki influenced spectacle... with a BIG costume!

Masque is a tribute to America's Voodoo capital, New Orleans. Great for Halloween and darker themed shows.

Bad Kitty: This act is a bawdy roadhouse kind of act that pokes fun at misogyny in a fun way. Even guys like it! This act is lots of fun in bars!

Horns is a sultry parade and peel that is performed to both rock and classical music. Great for clubs and small theaters!

Joan Jett Tribute