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I'm in my second week of my diet change up and I LOVE it! My diet before was rich in carbohydrates, which are nice to eat sometimes, but the sheer volume of food was overwhelming. I am now eating a more normalized volume of food rich in healthy fats and protein with strictly limited carbs.

It was an adjustment and I thought I was going to eat one of my coworkers once, but I have settled into it nicely. I am even learning to deal with oatmeal without fruit in it. The toughest part is salmon every day for lunch (except on work days because we are not allowed to reheat fish at the spa). Salmon isn't my favorite, and by that I mean I don't care for it in general, but when your trainer is Mike (The Zipper) Sable and he tells you to eat salmon. You. Eat. [that fucking] Salmon!!

The vitamin D3 has been a GAME CHANGER!!! I no longer feel like I am dragging my body through the sand whilst going thru my days either working or training. FYI: I either work or train EVERY day so my body is put through its paces fairly relentlessly.

On a gross note: my one cheat meal per week was RUINED!! Only getting one cheat meal per week causes me to agonize over what to get! My husband suggested Jersey Mikes. I got the mini Italian sub. 2/3 way through it, I pulled a long dark hair out of my mouth. It had been coiled up in the meats. I called and complained and told them I wouldn't be going back. They could have offered me 10 sandwiches and I'd say no thanks. I ate a small piece of Adam's sandwich (a waste of time because I was still too grossed out) and almost a cup of chocolate chips and called it a night.

This Saturday my cheat meal will be Sicilian pizza from Village Pizza on Larchmont. I can already taste it!!!


Well, the holidays have come and gone. It was pretty stressful, but I held it together and was half way decent with my diet, and of course I still trained 3 days per week. Although due to finances, I had to cut back to two days with my trainer.

I was able to add on extra shifts at work this month and I am now back working with my trainer, Zipper, 3 times per week. It's still very expensive, but I'll never push myself as hard as he pushes me.

He recently changed up my diet plan and now I'm on a very low carb, high protein and fats diet. He now wants me to keep a journal about how I'm feeling.

​Well, it's been a week and I am psyched not be stuffing myself sick every meal. Breakfast is the only tough one, and even then not terrible. I feel good overall, but was lacking in power. I think part of it was the transition and getting my body used to it. I could push thorugh my workouts, but still felt weak. Zipper suggested I take Vitamin D3. It's day 2, and I'll have to see how it goes. So far so good. I am STARVING very soon after my meals (comically so), and I occassionally sneak an apple or a slice of bread to stave off the "hanger." It's only been a few days and I'm looking leaner. No more muffin top, yay!

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